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Massage parlor near me: Thai Massage

Have you searched online for keywords like massage parlor near me or massage near me?.

Then Lisha body spa is just the place for you. We have devoted time to the ancient art of Thai massage.Check our ratings and reviews and see what our clients have to say about us.

Thai massage Aka Thai yoga massage combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. This massage uses the application of gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body Imagine someone helping you achieve various Yoga postures skillfully In a relaxed atmosphere.

The use of hands, knees, and feet to help clients achieve various postures without causing pain or discomfort. The pressure on various body points helps improve blood flow and gives relaxation.

Female To Male Body To Body Massage Spa Near Me


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    Are you looking for body-to-body massage centers in Bangalore that offer excellent service?

    Body-to-body massage centers with excellent services are hard to come by these days, a wise man once said that money well spent is money spent on self. That’s why we at Lisha body spa are here to bring you the ultimate in body-to-body massage. We are the body-to-body spa near you.

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    What does a good body-to-body massage feel like?

    Many people are not familiar with Body to Body or b2b massages, so let’s give you a little detail of what you might likely miss if you don’t visit us… 😊

    In a Body to body massage, our expert masseuse will massage you with her fully naked body. She will slide her body on yours and her curves and shapes will send a variety of pressure and sensations. This is done with light massage oils. Just imagine a beautiful girl in a G-string stroking your body with hers. Get ready for relaxation and pleasure in one go.

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    Best Nuru massage Bangalore

    Did I hear you say exotic? Yes! That’s what we call a massage treat! We bring you the Japanese massage technique right here in Bangalore!

    The Nuru or slippery massage is a unique massage technique used by the Japanese to give immense pleasure and relaxation to their client.The word NURU means “slippery” in Japanese. The riches of the Nuru Massage are activated by applying a special gel made from deep seaweed. The Nuru massage gel has no color or taste, and it is extremely slippery and smooth.

    The magic begins when our masseuse rubs your entire body with the Nuru and masterfully slide on you from all imaginable angles… 💯% pleasure guaranteed!

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    First-class Female to male spa near me

    Are you staying at a motel or hotel in Bangalore and feeling bored? Are you in town for work and can’t find a place to relax and ease your tensed body? What you need is a first-class female to male spa

    Lisha’s body spa is just a call away.

    We have college girls, exotic girls, independent girls, and models of all shapes and sizes. No matter what your desired model is, we can deliver. We can also visit you in your hotel and home for special massage sessions.

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    How expensive is body-to-body massage?

    Very expensive, but we have got you covered. Because we care about your satisfaction and relaxation, we have made this high-class B2b massage available to everyone at an affordable rate. Call for our supper discounts now!

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    Is your massage parlor legit?

    We can’t get good clients like you if we are not legit.

    The massage parlor business is a business that grows based on recommendation. We can’t get good clients like you if we are not legit. We have heard of cases involving massage parlors not delivering on their promises. We will exceed your expectations, and give you services worth every penny you spend or you get a 100% refund.

    Check our ratings and reviews and see what our clients have to say about us.

How do I locate Lisha’s Body Spa?

Do you know that you can find Lisha Body Spa by simply Googling massage spa near me, body to body spa near me, or b2b spa near me? That’s right, our services have made us one of the top-rated massage spas in all of Bangalore.

Our services are next to none, our girls are carefully and medically screened. Our massages range from the private, couple, erotic to spots massage. Chat with us, call us, send us an email or SMS, we will deliver excellent massage services beyond your money’s worth.

Why waste your time feeling bored? Come and enjoy the richness we have to offer and enjoy delightful pleasure with our beauties.

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B2b Spa Near Me

We have been in the business long enough to know how to provide the best intimate experience privately in the most hygienic environment.
Lisha body spa will guarantee that you enjoy your stay and give you pleasurable memories that will keep you coming back for more.


B2b Spa Near Me: 3 Important Things To Consider While Looking For A B2b Spa

The power of a massage has been talked about for ages, yet no one should throw themselves on a table without caution simply because they saw a sign outside that says massage spa.

A b2b spa involves body-to-body contact that will help the body relax and give sexual pleasure.



Intimacy is an essential plus for a b2b spa. Other things can be done on our side but the level of intimacy between client and staff can not be compromised. We know that our clients came to relax or have bottled-up feelings expressed, so we make sure both parties sign a consent form and each knows the level of intimate involvement they will share throughout the session.



The Hygenic condition of the b2b spa is important. How is the environment? How clean are the tables, towels, bowels, floor, and other areas of the spa? If you will lay naked and be touched by a lady or man you haven’t met before, then, you must also consider their hygiene. Their hair, nails, breath, and the way they adhere to Covid-19 regulations regarding handwashing among others.



Most of our clients love to remain anonymous. If the contact and identities of clients and part-time staff can’t be protected then such a spa should not be patronized. Always ask about the level of privacy you will enjoy before booking a session.


Full Body To Body Massage Bangalore

Best Massage Center Near Me

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry, we can offer customized massage experiences to meet your requirements. After all, our customer is king!



We love to keep our clients 100% satisfied. We have a wide range of body-to-body massages you can take advantage of.

You are welcome!

Full Body To Body Massage Bangalore

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If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry, we can offer customized massage experiences to meet your requirements. After all, our customer is king!


We love to keep our clients 100% satisfied. We have a wide range of body-to-body massages you can take advantage of.


When you visit Lisha Body Spa be sure to ask for our massage menu.

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It doesn’t matter your reason for needing a massage, relaxation, medical, sports, or adventure. Our b2b massage menu will keep you completely satisfied.


Meet experienced and beautiful women who will fulfill all of your needs

Enjoy Happy Ending Massage Bangalore

1. Have you heard of happy ending massages and desire to have a taste of it?

2. Do you feel there is more to a massage than just rubbing your body?

3. Do you need to release the pressure from your body by a cum shot?

4. Do you want a place where you could do intimate things to heal sexually?

5. There is nothing to be ashamed of in our massage parlor in Bangalore, we go all out to give you the best experience always.

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    What is a happy ending massage?

    Orgasms are thought to help induce deep relaxation by increasing endorphin levels and draining cortisol — your body’s stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands — out of your system. These endorphins aid in better sleep as well as being a natural stress reliever and anti-inflammatory agent.

    I know this sounds very technical, but let’s help you understand it.

    When you visit our massage parlor and book for one of our VIP massage packages, one of our beautiful experts will help give you satisfaction via blowjob, handjob, or have sex with you on request after you are well pleased with the massage session. Note, you must tell us what type of massage you will need as soon as you book your session. All our therapists are professionals and won’t bridge the original contract entered by you when you signed up for a session.

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    Are happy ending massages safe?

    Lisha body spa has a very strict rule for the selection of our staff.

    We run a background check on all our girls and have frequent medical checks to ensure that our clients don’t get infected by STI’s and STD’s we also ensure that our clients who require happy ending massages go through similar health checks to protect our girls from getting infected.

    Bear in mind that your health is your wealth and we must keep you as healthy a customer as we can.

    So, at Lisha’s Body Spa Bangalore, Happy ending massages are safe.

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Here are some advantages of Body to Body massage


Dealing with the discomfort of sleep disorder.

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    Spa near me: Body to Body

    There are quite a several body-to-body massage techniques that are available in spas around Bangalore.

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    Improved bloodstream:

    Massage of any kind will help improve blood flow in the region it is concentrated on. Applying that to Body to body (b2b) massage helps blood flow and corrects conditions of erectile brokenness, or inability to reach climaxes. Body-to-body massage can be used to treat sexual conditions and inabilities. This is possible because b2b massage helps expand the bloodstream to the private’s area, thus, correcting any sexual-related disorders that clients may have.

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    Dealing with the discomfort of sleep disorder.

    People wake up with all sorts of neck and back pains because they didn’t sleep well.

    Body-to-body massage helps make the hurting neck or back get better and promotes better rest.

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Bangalore Massage Center With A Difference

Bangalore massage centers have seen their fair share of charlatans. In the pleasure massage business, we make a difference.
  • We have well-furnished, fully equipped rooms that serve both regular and VIP clients.
  • We are home to the best massage therapists, professionally trained and cute
  • Cerene and secure environment that promotes relaxation and increases pleasure
  • Best massage rates with complete satisfaction guaranteed.
  • What else do you want from a massage parlor near you?
  • We can arrange custom environment settings to help you relax.
  • A visit will settle your doubt.
  • female to male spa near me 24 hours

    Lovely Erotic Massage spa in Bangalore

    Most of the spas are giving normal spa service. However, Lishabodyspa commits to giving something extra. We believe in something beyond that. This is the reason we integrate erotic escort service with our spa service. You can explore our gallery and choose the girl that satisfies your domain. We are only here to serve you in the best way. There are an ample number of great things at our place. The following factors justify our center.

  • Get the girl of your choice
  • Grab the hot females
  • Full fill your every desire
  • Comfortably take our girls for the outing
  • Just relax and give responsibilities to our professionals
  • Health benefits of Nuru massage

    Nuru massage spa near me

    Thinking about the special gel made from stewards might make us think only one the effect the oils might have on the skin. But when we pay a closer look at the Nuru techniques, it is more of a healing session than a pleasure massage.

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      The relief of stress

      Stress is a silent killer. Each day as we go about our simple lives, we get stressed up. And if we don’t unwind, we might end up with serious stress-related medical emergencies.

      According to recent research conducted by a London-based Nuru massage service, 83 percent of those who tried the massage reported a significant boost in mental well-being following the session.

      The masseuse’s body techniques and skin-on-skin contact provide a beautiful sensual sensation that makes you feel completely relaxed from head to toe, removing stress.

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      It helps moisturize your skin leaving it soft and healthy

      The special gels used by the masseuse leave the skin moisturized. Due to its composition, it doesn’t leave stains on the skin. The Nori seaweed extract is very soft and slimy thus, helping the body stay hydrated smooth. 💯% pleasure guaranteed!

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      It helps the muscles to relax

      Hard work makes the muscles sore and tenses causing cramps and pains. Nuru massage can help make muscles relax and you feel revived for the next day’s work.

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      It helps the body eliminate toxins

      The Nuru techniques used by the masseuse help the body release toxins. Drink lots of water after massage sessions to help flush the toxins released.

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      Gives sexual satisfaction

      A lot of people are sexually frustrated. Men and women are increasingly feeling tired of their present sexual levels. The Nuru massage is excellent sexual therapy. The intense body-to-body contact and the slippery gel stimulates sexual feelings and explore new pleasure points that help the client’s exciting sexual climax and thereby bringing healing and satisfaction.

      When next you visit Lisha’s Body spa, ask for a Nuru massage to experience the power of body, mind, and sexual healing in one massage. What are you waiting for? Call us now!


    The health benefits of Thai massage include lowering stress, relieving muscular tension, and increasing energy flow. Let’s discuss the five health benefits of Thai massage below.

    • 1

      Stress Reduction

      Stress in smaller levels is good for the body as it helps challenge us to go beyond our limits but when stress goes beyond control, it can lead to serious illnesses that can result in death.

      Studies have shown that Thai massage helps reduce stress by significantly reducing the levels of a certain stress biomarker present in the saliva, called Salivary alpha-amylase (sAA).

    • 2

      Helps In Alleviating Headaches

      A specific form of Thai massage called “Court-type” which deals with applying pressure on various energy points has been found by a 2015 study as an effective treatment for people suffering from chronic headaches caused by tension.

    • 3

      Improves Motion

      As the client is massaged, the gradual, gentle stretching helps the client’s flexibility over time, allowing a greater range of motion. This is especially good for sportsmen and women.

      This technique improves the circulation of the fluid in the joints, or synovial fluid, which reduces friction between the joints. This will improve joint mobility and improved agility.

    • 4

      Gives A Boost To Energy Levels

      Studies have shown that Thai massage can improve energy levels in healthy people. The principle of energy flow or Sen has been the core of the Thai massage technique. Various Sen (energy) points are stimulated by adapting various postures.

      Massage experts believe that tight muscles cause blockages within different Sen, these, in turn, reduce the flow of life energy, which results in stiffness, pain, and illness.

      Each technique used in Thai massage helps free or restrict different Sen to correct the flow of life energy.

    • 5

      Facilitates Blood and Airflow

      Thai massage is not all about pleasure and relaxation, it is a way of living a long and healthy life. The Thai massage technique promotes the circulation of blood and air through the use of gentle stretches. With its yoga-like stretches, blood circulation is greatly promoted, thereby filling the body’s tissues with oxygen. This helps promote cell growth, improve breathing and heart health.

      You are in good hands at Lisha’s body spa.
      Come in to enjoy different forms of massage techniques that will make you happy, active, and relaxed.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    We accept over-the-desk payments for all our services. You can pay us in whatever way makes you most comfortable, we understand your needs.


    We have a complaint box and a rating system for your therapists and models, this helps us know what your experience is and how we can help you. In extreme cases, we offer a full refund. But such cases have never been recorded.


    That’s a big No, our WhatsApp and SMS channels are always open. Feel free to chat with us and book sessions with any cutie by her nickname.


    That’s a huge Yes! Fill out the form, get a unique booking code with your session details and pay online or over the desk.


    Lisha body Spa is legit. We don’t operate using proxy or agents. We deal with our clients directly. Beware of fraud.


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