This is a massage type where the therapist uses his/her body to massage the client with the use of some specially formulated super smooth and slippery gel. The special gel is applied generously to the client’s body to give it a silky texture.

The masseuse then uses his/her body to slide in various motions on your body to give you the ultimate pleasure and relaxation.

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What Are The Benefits Of Body-To-Body Massage

The body-to-body massage also called Nuru massage will help you archive emotional and physical connection with your inner self.

Other immediate benefits of the body-to-body (Nuru) massage are that:

1. It helps get rid of stress: most massage sessions are meant to alleviate stress, but the body-to-body massage is the ultimate stress relief therapy

2. It helps rid the mind of anxiety and worries: the atmosphere of the body-to-body massage is relaxing, with dim lights, perfumes, and other custom requirements the client needs to remain worry-free.

It always gives you a good frame of mind.

4. Nuru massage is an effective means of boosting your confidence and sensuality. It helps you have better coordination between your heart and soul as well as the central nervous system.

5. Body-to-body (Nuru) massage helps boost the flexibility of muscles and tissues for enhanced pleasure. It also gives the rejuvenating effect that your body deserves.

Is It Safe To Have A Body-To-Body Massage

We know how important it is for both our clients and masseuse to be safe in this season of the Covid-19 pandemic. So we ensure strict covid regulations such as the use of sanitizers before and after sessions, hand and body wash before sessions and the use of a nose mask at all times.

Yes, it is safe to have a body-to-body massage at lishbodyspa.

Lisha Body Spa is the home of the best erotic masseuse in the city. Call now and book a session today.

Is It Safe To Have A Body-To-Body Massage

Body-To-Body Massage Spa Bangalore

Are you visiting Bangalore and need a place to experience the healing power of erotic massages?

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