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There are many wonderful places to visit in Bangalore. The local food market, nice hotels, evenings festivals, traditional dance shows, the night market, and so on. But you can’t afford to miss the massage Spa.

Our massage spa is a world within Bangalore, a world of many pleasures.

Our clients have never been disappointed by us, we know how to make you relax after a hard day of work.

Massage spa bangalore

Our Satisfied Customers Have A Lot To Say About Us

We know we keep a very low profile when it comes to talking about our clients. But we have revived tons of emails and WhatsApp messages from our clients telling us how satisfied they were with services and staff.

A lot of our clients return time and again because they know how memorable their time with our masseuse was.

Here is our summary of what we believe make our clients come back to our massage spa:
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    Friendly front desk staff:

    we believe that stress can be healed right from our front desk. When workers address you politely with a smile and genuine warmth, it takes away the stress of dealing with a hectic day at work, an abusive work relationship, a stressful day, or a feeling of hurt.

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    Great customer service:

    we know that Bangalore is the hub of technology in the whole of India and we have virtual assistants at our massage spa in Bangalore who are devoted to giving you excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter if you have a complaint or need information about our massage services, our customer care representative will make sure you have the best chat, call, or email experience.

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    Top-class massage service:

    our massage Spa selects only the best of the best massage therapists and models to serve our clients. We train and retrain our masseuses in various arts needed to bring maximum satisfaction to our valuable clients.

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    State of the art equipment and up-to-date massage spa facility:

    we are equipped with modern massage equipment. Our massage spa is adequately furnished to make your stay comfortable, and your experience highly pleasurable.

    Chat with us today to enjoy the best massage experience in Bangalore.

A Small History Won’t Hurt Anyone

Ayurveda: 5000 years of pain relief and relaxation

What goes around comes around, they say, this is true of the massage Spa business. It began 5000 years ago as a means of healing and helping people relax.

The historical footprint of massage therapy in India dates back to over 3000 years ago. It was an ancient healing ritual used by the Hindus.

The Ayurveda (“life health”) massage techniques have been handed down from one generation to another generation as a cure for injuries, pain relief, and preventive and curative measure for illnesses.

It was widely believed that disrespect for nature is the major cause of sickness and thus the Ayurveda massage will help restore harmony, healing, and bring the body back in touch with nature.

Today, we have kept this ancient tradition alive in our massage Spa. Our dry, oily, or bath massage is geared towards bringing you healing, keeping you balanced in body and mind.

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Lisha’s Massage Spa Bangalore

  • Once upon a time an old lady saved a lost king and fed him with boiled beans – this was the story of our city’s origin.
  • Today, our doors are still open to welcome you as our honored guests.
  • We will give you the pampering you deserve.

Step in for your: Aromatic Massage, Swedish massage, Full Body Massages, Facials, Scrubs, Wraps, Foot massage, Detox, Ayurveda Massages, Thai massage, Bangkok massage, pedicure, manicure, other International Massage techniques, and lots more.

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