What is a Spa?

It is a place where water rich in minerals is used for curative purposes. This could be natural (seawater) or water enriched with herbs and oils.

Our Spa uses mineral-rich water and massage therapy to bring a rich combination of relaxation and arousal to give total wellbeing.

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How do we offer our Spa services?

We are the best female-to-male spa in Bangalore and our services are broadly ranged. From the famous Thai and Bangkok massage techniques to the erotic and slippery techniques of the Japanese Nuru massage.

Achieving the ultimate in female-to-male massage is easy when professionals are involved. Our masseuses are well trained in the art of pleasure, yoga, and ancient Indian erotic massage techniques.

The Spa center has adequate lighting, Fragrance, and scents to keep the mind open and free from worries, the environment is calm and taken away from the normal hustle and bustle of Bangalore.

Baths, bowls, towels, tables, and mats are properly cleaned and hygienic. Our masseuses maintain very strict personal hygiene codes especially in these days of the covid-19 pandemic.

Our female massage therapists are medically screened. We also check for criminal records and substance abuse to ensure that you get excellent service from a reputable workforce.

Our models and other female staff go through tests for STDs and STI’s and other skin infections that can be transmitted from person to person.

Is it safe to have a female-to-male full-body massage in this covid-19 era?

We know that female-to-male massage requires intimate and close body contact.

Therefore, we have implored adequate covid-19 screening procedures to help safeguard our staff and clients from being infected or transmitting Covid-19.

  • Hand wash is a must before and after every massage session.
  • The use of rubber gloves by our masseuse.
  • Treatment and stay home in case of the flu or cough.
  • Our schedule for massage leaves no room for overcrowding.
  • Adequate Covid-19 related updates are decimated periodically to ensure that everyone is kept up to date on best practices.
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    Sex and Female-to-Male Massage

    We know that a lot of people associate sex to erotic massage like female-to-male massage. In reality, sex is not the intention of this massage but healing.

    When a man is touched by any woman gently (as in body massage) or firmly (as in Nuru or Thai massage) the feeling of arousal can not be denied. The body has been stimulated and it will respond.

    Thus, the need for a consent form. In the form, it is indicated if the season will end in what way.

    If a client wants to have an orgasm during or at the end of the massage, Lisha body spa will ensure that one of our call girls well trained in the art of erotic massage will take care of that Client.

    All massage therapists will not consent to a happy ending after their season. Forcefully asking for sex is a bridge of contract and offenders will be handed over to the police.

    Tell us what you want to achieve and we will make sure you are completely satisfied.

    Do not force our girls, that’s rape and we don’t take lightly with rapists and sexual offenders.

    If you have any questions, chat with our expert customer care agents.
    Your pleasure is our priority.

    We are Lisha Body Spa, the best in the business of Erotic massage in Bangalore.
    You are welcome!